Plug n Play Videos are Pre-made Promo Video Advertisements that have been created to promote a wide variety of products and services. For example, if you sell a digital product online that deals with blogs, you can use one of our blog video advertisements to promote your blog product. Since all of our videos cover only the most general aspects of a category, you can use one PlugnPlay video advertisement to promote several products that are related to that category.
The best thing about our PlugnPlay Videos is that these are videos that you can start using INSTANTLY! Just select the video that best suits your product or service, download the video, then upload to your own website or your favorite video sharing website and that's It! There's nothing technical about it, nothing to edit, nothing to change, just download, then upload. PlugnPlay videos act like your 24 hour sales agents, driving traffic to your website all day and all night. You won't find an easier or faster way to start promoting your products online by video!
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We know that with the rise of videos online, you could easily go out and spend $100's dollars to have someone create a video ad for you or you could join some sites that let you create your own video ad. The difference between PlugnPlayVideos.com and these other alternatives are 2 things... TIME and MONEY!

When you become a member of PlugnPlayVideos.com, you don't have to spend time creating and editing videos and you won't need to spend an arm and a leg. Just create your membership, download your video then upload and start promoting!

  • Promo ads available in 2 sizes, 640x480 & 400x300
  • Videos available in 3 formats, FLV, WMV and MP4!
  • Avoid the hassle of making your own videos!
  • No per download fees!
  • Videos can be used to promote multiple products!
  • Upload video ads to most video sharing websites!
  • PlugnPlay videos can be used on your own website!


  • Gain instant access to videos!
  • Nothing to record!
  • New video added weekly!
  • Save hundreds of dollars in advertising!
  • Nothing to edit, nothing to change!
  • No technical or video experience necessary!
  • One low monthly membership fee!












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