What exactly are PlugnPlay Videos?
PlugnPlay videos are pre-made video advertisements that you can use to promote almost anything and everything on your hard drive. Our videos are created for those that are in the business of selling digital products and services online. The videos are produced as teaser promo videos designed to cause your viewers to click over to your main web page to learn more about the item you are promoting. The videos come complete with images, animation and sound.

Are there any restrictions on these videos?
For the most part PlugnPlay videos have very few restrictions placed on them. You are free to use the videos that you download during and after you cancel your membership. Of course we don't allow the videos to be used for any illegal or immoral purposes, to get a complete definition of our do's and don'ts check out our Terms of Use.

Do video sharing sites allow these videos?
We have discovered that most video sharing sites do allow videos that promote a product or service online. However, we can't guarantee that these types of sites will not change their policies. The best thing to do is always read the Terms of Use for any site you plan to use your PlugnPlay videos on.

What happens to the videos that are removed?
We always keep a minimum of 24 PNP videos in our members area and we add 1 new video each week. When we add a video we also remove a video and place it in our video archives.

Do these videos have a sound track?
Yes, all of our PlugnPlay videos have a music soundtrack.

Can you customize the videos for me?
Yes, we can customize a PlugnPlay video for you. For a complete description of our customization service check out our Custom Video Ads section.

Where can I use these videos?
We recommend that you use PlugnPlay videos on your favorite video sharing sites that allow promotional videos and you can also place PNP videos on your own website and even embed them into your blogs. Basically, you can place your PNP video wherever you can place a video online.

Can I use my own links, images, etc...?
Yes, if you have your video editing software you are free to place your own images, links, etc... on the videos as long as you do not alter the original video itself.

Are there any downloading restrictions?
No, you are free to download all the videos that are available inside the members area as long as your membership remains active.

Are these video watermarked?
No, PlugnPlay videos are not watermarked.

Can I resell these videos?
The videos are packaged inside our membership area and do not come with resell rights, however you can sign up for our Free Affiliate Program and earn extra income in that way.

Do I need a license for these videos?
Yes, you need a PlugnPlay video license to display the videos. Licenses are provided with each video and remain valid for all videos that you have downloaded from the members area.


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